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Home » News » Company news » 2019 Jiangxi Hengli "May 1 Cup" tug-of-war competition

2019 Jiangxi Hengli "May 1 Cup" tug-of-war competition
Number of views:10113 Time:2019-05-05

In order to celebrate the '"May 1" International Labor Day, the active company atmosphere, cultivate the spirit of the staff team collaboration, and enhance the company's cohesiveness. The company held a tug-of-war competition at office Square at 13:00 on April 30.

There are a total of 10 teams in this tug-of-war competition to participate in, according to the department team, 12 people per team (including 2 replacement players). 10 people participated in the competition, which must guarantee 2 girls or more, and each game can only be 10 people in the team, otherwise the game is invalid. The president of the competition was sentenced by Rao.

Before the game, the referee announced the rules and processes of the game. The first knockout, the knockout is drawn by the 10 team tags to determine the PK object and the order of the game.



After the fierce competition of the first round, the 5 teams were successfully advanced. In addition, the five teams eliminated were promoted by the form of 1 team to advance, and continued to participate in the second round of competition.

The competition for 6 teams of the second round of semi-finals also determines the PK object and the order in the form of a lottery. The six teams won 3 teams, and they also brought the three rounds of competition from the three eliminated teams.

In the third round of finals, 4 teams determined PK teams by drawing, two winning teams competed for the crown, and the other team competed for the third place.

In order to make the game more fair, it is also the endurance and sustainability of each team. The final championship final and the third compete in the three-game winning way. After a fierce competition and competition, finally decided the first casting shop, the second place is a system. The third place is due to the occurrence of some unexpected things, so that the competition is interrupted, and the third place cannot be generated.

This "May 1 Cup" tug-of-war competition is successfully completed in the laughter of the employees! Through this tug-of-war competition, it not only enhances the team's cohesiveness, and enriches the cultural life of employees. At the same time, we show our Hengli employees, healthy and top, and more enhanced teamwork spirit and honor.

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